Peel Square (4) South side : Corner Pin (view 1)


The original Corner Pin public house was conveniently located for business, its gable facing Peel Square but having a frontage extending along the entrance into Wellington Street. Note the blocked doorway. This image dates from about 1912, the year that the town team won the FA Cup. Alice Skelton then held the licensee. See Tasker's 'Barnsley Streets' vol 2 for a complete list of publicans from 1870-2001. The large poster in the distance refers to a production at the nearby Theatre Royal, 'The Bad Girl of the Family'. Facing the photographer is a smart looking boy leaning somewhat casually against a piece of street furniture. 'Corner Pin' is a fairly common pub name and refers to the traditional game of skittles, the corner pin being one of the most difficult to knock down as it was placed on the outside edge of the skittle arrangement.

Peel Square

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